12 Hours Later after receiving my BlackBerry Z10

This innovation is incredible. I just want to gloat about the hardware now that I can say yes I’ve got my hands on a complete BlackBerry Z10! The popular Zed10 is the perfect companion to a tech enthusiasts hands. I took some time trying out different cases from iSkinz, OtterBox, Case-mate & BlackBerry. It didn’t… Read More »

[Review] Phantom themes w/ alt wallpapers by BerryGlowDesigns

Developer BerryGlowDesigns stepped up with one of our favorite new themes. His Phantom themes are now available in 5 delicious colors! You may have seen one or two available and recently featured in App World, and that was just the beginning. Now BGD has a color for just about everyone. I’ve been a strong supported… Read More »

[Review] Mireo DON’T PANIC for BlackBerry 10

Wow! Did you even know Navigation apps could be this good? I honestly hadn’t even given Mireo’s DON’T PANIC a second look until the developers reached out to us. Had I known it was a navigation application I would have picked it up on day one. DON’T PANIC is already a well established navigation app… Read More »

Leebo FREE by Wu-Wei

Doing my rounds in some of my favorite forums, sites, and Developer blogs the other day for some reason I clicked on page 2 at BerryReview and found one of the best gems I’ve seen in a very long time. Leebo by Wu-Wei is a FREE minimalist theme with more than 25 versions to choose… Read More »

Exclusive Interview with SocialScope CEO Amit Kumar

I don’t think SocialScope needs much of an introduction, but for those of you who are curious let me spell it out for you. SocialScope is the one true social inbox for your BlackBerry. Connecting Twitter (1-2 accounts), Facebook, Foursquare, and flickr into one super client. This actual product is actually in private beta, and… Read More »

Cocky Culture introduces the Berryfication Theme!

A while back we asked Tony of  what he thought about making a Berryfication theme and much to our surprise he was honored. There’s no words to explain how proud we are to have this product for you. We won’t say it’s the best site theme cause then we’d be tooting our own horns. But… Read More »

BQC: Quelos theme

Blue business surrounding the wide open spaces that make up the four corners of Quelos theme. TodayPlus shaded into the clear canvas. Navigation like GPS precisely taking you through each of the necessary icons. Each hover cuts a square from the center window-slider displayed at home. Mixing business with pleasure for the high end user. Style doesn’t… Read More »


Due to quality, innovation and excellence, this product has received BQC (Berryfication Quality Certificate). BQC means that the product is high quality and complies with all standards and meets the criteria for assessment in all groups (structure and navigation, visual design, functionality and overall experience). Details of the product, the developer and the evaluation are… Read More »

BlogBerry by Walker Themes

In a time when so many are flocking to New devices, giving up on our beloved BlackBerry, there comes a man, a guy they call Walker of Walker Themes.. He arrives holding a future of tricked out ideas. A bag of funk. And now his funk is spilling all over BlackBerry Smartphones. His latest, BlogBerry… Read More »