Developer BerryGlowDesigns stepped up with one of our favorite new themes. His Phantom themes are now available in 5 delicious colors! You may have seen one or two available and recently featured in App World, and that was just the beginning. Now BGD has a color for just about everyone.

I’ve been a strong supported of BerryGlowDesigns since the first day he and I met. He’s always kept a lot of the BlackBerry default look present while adding simple accents, highlights, changes you can’t take your eyes off of. And I’d still use any one of his themes. But this one, these Phantom themes are truly unique. I’ve gotten more 2nd looks and comments from these themes than most others I’ve shown in the past month. Every change is delicate. The colors look amazing on my Bold. Job well done Dragos, I know you prefer I don’t use your name but you’ve come a long way and for me it’s personal. It’s always personal when I can’t stop gawking over a product.