Doing my rounds in some of my favorite forums, sites, and Developer blogs the other day for some reason I clicked on page 2 at BerryReview and found one of the best gems I’ve seen in a very long time. Leebo by Wu-Wei is a FREE minimalist theme with more than 25 versions to choose from!!

Word is Wu-Wei may export to Torch 9800 in the future but for now it’s only for the one screensize listed. Leebo is a Wallpaper theme. You have walls it wants them. The different versions available allow you quick access to many of our favorite applications, hidden today, no today, Weather spot, in the middle, on the left, the right. A pink version (icons). Versions that hide the stock battery meter so your BatteryEx meter shows as the main and only one. Just be sure to check out all the different versions before settling on one. You can’t have multiple installed at once. If you don’t like something about one version, the next version will install over the existing.