12 Hours Later after receiving my BlackBerry Z10

This innovation is incredible. I just want to gloat about the hardware now that I can say yes I’ve got my hands on a complete BlackBerry Z10! The popular Zed10 is the perfect companion to a tech enthusiasts hands. I took some time trying out different cases from iSkinz, OtterBox, Case-mate & BlackBerry. It didn’t take long before I knew that BlackBerry had finally made a device that I preferred in it’s raw form. The soft black battery door feels perfect in my large hands. It’s a very soft piece of plastic that clips nicely into the back of the Zed10.

Let’s rewind just a bit as I did have a nice stack of accessories from BlackBerry. Find everything here. A few of the L-S1 Batteries, 1 Z10 Battery Charger Bundle, 1 Z10 Flip Shell Cases (white) & (black), 1 Z10 Transformer Hard Shell, 1 Z10 Leather Pocket and 1 Z10 Microfiber Pocket (grey) cases. I tried most of them on and plan to carry the Microfiber Pocket & Flip Shell Case tomorrow. BlackBerry really did think of every little detail. The cases look and feel almost as good as the phone itself. I can’t wait to break these in a bit more and of course share some giveaways with users.

Now before I wrap up this quick post about my first 12 hours I’d like to give AT&T a knock for having really great service out here. I remember thinking and telling users that I was impressed with the 4G LTE they provided us during the Alpha stage. But those SIM’s did not provide the ability to text or make phone calls. This final BlackBerry Z10 is rocking speedy on AT&T’s network. I’ll have more to say in the next couple days as I spent most of my time downloading my apps, games and moving some of the data from the Alphas.

In closing let me just say I couldn’t be happier for BlackBerry right now. The blood, sweat, tears, joy, compassion, support, social media they put into this was truly everything. It’s all riding on these BlackBerry 10 devices doing well. They need to hear that what they’ve done for the user is incredible. I know I’ve waited so long just to hold one that you can almost go a little batty waiting for that moment. Stay tuned for more from Berryfication, myself and the other bloggers on their thoughts, favorite products, features, accessories etc.

BlackBerry P’9981 Coming to U.S. last week of February Pre-order Now $1700.00

Our good friend @_Lucky45 just stopped by one of the Porsche Design retail stores in his area to inquire about a U.S. release date and price of the BlackBerry Bold P’9981. According to the retail store and his receipt pre-orders are available now. And the device should be ready for pick up the last week of February 2012.


Reasons why you need a Private Label CRM

Now a day, we operate business in many different ways, and it is not hard to see that the business world has started to improve drastically. We buy sell and communicate in a lot of ways, and competitors from all over the world add barriers on the market, which makes it very competitive amongst business owners. Commoditization happens very quickly and a lot of satisfied customers will be able to tell everyone they know about the service, as well as those who are unsatisfied.

Careers and customers grow and fall at the same time through various social media platforms. A Private label CRM is the process of analyzing and tracking all of the relations you have with all of your customers and prospective clients. It is also the type of tool that centralizes, secures, simplifies, and scales all of the client’s engagement.

So given the situation, what exactly will this type of software be able to offer you, and how can it help your business grow? Here are some reasons that you should consider, so that you are well aware of the good benefits of this type of software in your office:

  • Your memory as a human will never be able to retain large amounts of information at one time – you might think that you have got your storage in tact, but it doesn’t always go the way you would expect it to be.

Sure you might be able to keep up with 10 or even 50 clients in your head but there will come a point when you just wont be able to track them all their associated events and tasks.

Do you really want to limit your business by only storing information in your head? Possibilities are you wont even keep track of everyone you meet.

If you can only manage 10 – 20 clients successfully just in your head, then you have personally stopped your business from growing bigger. With a white label CRM you can store and manage so many of your clients and let your computer manage the remembering and the organizing.

Make sure that you always take advantage of what technology has to offer your business, because it will help you in so many ways and can make you become successful with your business.

Remember your brain can only take so much information, so don’t force yourself to remember and store too much information in your brain because you will end up forgetting all of the people you meet.


  • Your data will never get lost – if you’re the type of person who still uses notepads, memo books, calendars, and other systems for tracking your data then chances are that you are going to end up losing it at some point. If you store everything in your laptop, there will still be possibilities of it getting broken or stolen. A web based white label CRM will let you effectively protect all of your data from getting lost. There will still be possibilities of your hard drives crashing and failing, but with the proper web host and data backups you will never lose any data. That is just one of the many benefits of getting this for your business, but you also have the complete freedom to pick the very best web host and service provider. It will also let you install and manage your own data on the server that you choose as well as maintain it.

[Review] Phantom themes w/ alt wallpapers by BerryGlowDesigns

Developer BerryGlowDesigns stepped up with one of our favorite new themes. His Phantom themes are now available in 5 delicious colors! You may have seen one or two available and recently featured in App World, and that was just the beginning. Now BGD has a color for just about everyone.

I’ve been a strong supported of BerryGlowDesigns since the first day he and I met. He’s always kept a lot of the BlackBerry default look present while adding simple accents, highlights, changes you can’t take your eyes off of. And I’d still use any one of his themes. But this one, these Phantom themes are truly unique. I’ve gotten more 2nd looks and comments from these themes than most others I’ve shown in the past month. Every change is delicate. The colors look amazing on my Bold. Job well done Dragos, I know you prefer I don’t use your name but you’ve come a long way and for me it’s personal. It’s always personal when I can’t stop gawking over a product.

[FREE] Sharp! Ice & Pink by BerryGlowDesigns – Now 9900/9930/9981 Compatible

Hey it’s been a while since BlackBerry 7 users have gotten to enjoy one of BerryGlowDesigns vibrant themes. Actually it’s been since we all rocked BlackBerry 6.0, since these and 2 of his premium themes (Silv3r & Naturize Clean v5.0) are his ticket back into our Berry’s. Silv3r is also spending some quality time on my 9930.

The Sharp! themes keep things simple with attractive glossy banners, distinct focus, semi-transparent menus and maintains stock OS 7 icons. It truly makes a great difference to bring change to these components of the BlackBerry theme (screen). Custom wallpapers look fantastic with both of these themes as well.

[Review] Mireo DON’T PANIC for BlackBerry 10

Wow! Did you even know Navigation apps could be this good? I honestly hadn’t even given Mireo’s DON’T PANIC a second look until the developers reached out to us. Had I known it was a navigation application I would have picked it up on day one. DON’T PANIC is already a well established navigation app for companies moving cargo or fleet, as well as Web Maps, of course smartphones like Samsung, iPhone, Android all found here & now BlackBerry 10! Read on for my thoughts..


  • Supported Devices: BlackBerry Z10 running BlackBerry 10
  • Try the fully operational 7-day free trial with no obligation.
  • Download DON’T PANIC Try & Buy through BlackBerry App World and evaluate it for yourself.
  • Choose cool add-ons and enhancement like TMC Traffic Alerts, Comedian Voices and Premium POI through the app itself and purchase them securely through your BlackBerry App World account.
  • Get unlimited map updates on all maps.

Leebo FREE by Wu-Wei

Doing my rounds in some of my favorite forums, sites, and Developer blogs the other day for some reason I clicked on page 2 at BerryReview and found one of the best gems I’ve seen in a very long time. Leebo by Wu-Wei is a FREE minimalist theme with more than 25 versions to choose from!!

Word is Wu-Wei may export to Torch 9800 in the future but for now it’s only for the one screensize listed. Leebo is a Wallpaper theme. You have walls it wants them. The different versions available allow you quick access to many of our favorite applications, hidden today, no today, Weather spot, in the middle, on the left, the right. A pink version (icons). Versions that hide the stock battery meter so your BatteryEx meter shows as the main and only one. Just be sure to check out all the different versions before settling on one. You can’t have multiple installed at once. If you don’t like something about one version, the next version will install over the existing.