Blue business surrounding the wide open spaces that make up the four corners of Quelos theme. TodayPlus shaded into the clear canvas. Navigation like GPS precisely taking you through each of the necessary icons. Each hover cuts a square from the center window-slider displayed at home. Mixing business with pleasure for the high end user. Style doesn’t have to be made only for the madonna’s anymore, suits can enjoy this playground of icons as well.

Due to the high quality of product expected to leave the hands of this Developer we have brought a fraction of the score down. Most of the build up behind our intentions was for a more abstract product to reach our BlackBerry Devices therefore we must consider this and weigh in.

Allocated RAM took a small hit with the aftermath of the OTA download. Performance remains quick. Total FLASH seems untainted after 72 hours of activation. Business user approach may fall on deaf ears in an industry that is always in window-seat daydreaming of newer technology.