Due to quality, innovation and excellence, this product has received BQC (Berryfication Quality Certificate). BQC means that the product is high quality and complies with all standards and meets the criteria for assessment in all groups (structure and navigation, visual design, functionality and overall experience).
Details of the product, the developer and the evaluation are available below.
Traditional theme styles have gone a long way with the wisdom Theme Builders have gained over the last few years. Walker Themes uses the impulse of an upcoming Tablet and entwines it around the BlackBerry homescreen. Taking care to consider different sizes, landscapes and portraits of the non-touch & touch screen functionalities.

PB Inside is glossy and luxurious. Laid out with 2 different home areas for the end user to choose one or toggle both. Navigation is taught directly at the activation, by showing a screen to guide users on their journey. A+ B = C. Primitive yet easily learned, an open book. Movement is guided by a blue glow that leaves tracers in it’s path. A very consistent build.

Built with stock OS6 icons, this is a rare entry into BQC. However the end result appears and responds with the highest quality. Sizes, transparencies, colors ect. It was all premeditated. Well thought execution for a marvelous result. One Judge write, “I gave this one a high score because it took my breath away.” and “This is one I’ll keep for a long time.” That goes a long way in a digital/disposable world. Another Judge writes, “Normally I don’t like themes with stock icons, but they suit this one very well.”

Functionality was another level as well. With so many themes being made on beta software it’s difficult to draw lines and say no we will not accept this, or okay they’ve learned to work around these obstacles so it’s fair to judge 9800 now. This is one of the first themes we have judged the 9800 and that was a good call. Our 3rd Judge says “full functionality in landscape is hard to find in a Torch theme, but PB Inside does it perfectly.” Remarkable.

The overall experience combines all estate to captivate the judges. Walker Themes has surely gotten our attention now. PB Inside, a dazzling new product from Walker Themes.