In a time when so many are flocking to New devices, giving up on our beloved BlackBerry, there comes a man, a guy they call Walker of Walker Themes.. He arrives holding a future of tricked out ideas. A bag of funk. And now his funk is spilling all over BlackBerry Smartphones. His latest, BlogBerry takes a idea never perfected and he redefines it.
Sharing is sexy… oh yes, it is. Everyone likes to share.. or is it receive.. no maybe it’s give.. hm I don’t know but Walker Themes is cool. I do know that. And BlogBerry is one HOT Theme.

When he shot me a screen a couple weeks ago I quickly snatched it up and saved it for future reference. Little did I know it would turn out this good. When Walker Themes introduced himself to us I must admit I wasn’t sure what to make of him. I hadn’t heard of him nor seen him anywhere before.. then he showed us a theme that was well made but I wasn’t positive where he would take us afterwards.

Well fast forward about 6 weeks and here we find ourselves with a highly complex, yet easy to use new Blog-like theme with many different possibilities for user customization. BlogBerry is nothing short of amazing.
Graphics, stunning, check. Menu’s and buttons, unique/functional, check. Creativity, and personality, check. Options, user defined customizations, check. Ability to surprise rezn when all I expect from people anymore is a swift move to some sort of fancy new Droid phone.. oh yeah Check!! So this is proof that even though so many are disappointed or expect more, want more, basically have proven that they want everything their way like the world owes them all something, have no clue what’s lurking below.. Walker Themes emerges with a strong will to thrive in the world of BlackBerry and his true thrill for the style and culture shows in the product. Sorry Droid using BlackBerry theme makers but your themes aren’t and won’t be this fun if you don’t love the product your building for. It’s like selling Toyota’s and driving Subaru’s, or something. But you should get the drift.

There’s so many neat options and ways to set up this theme, you’ll have to get one yourself to truly understand it. But don’t take my word make your own. If this looks slick to you then follow the link on through. Everything is in it’s proper place and functional, speedy, visually eye opening are included. Clearly Walker loves his BlackBerry too and so he should. That’s why we’re here too!