Hello world of BlackBerry, rezn here this is our first of many posts titled “Beryfication Exclusive News & tidbits.” Every week ending we will throw this post up. Hopefully instead of keeping all the dev news to myself we can begin to share more with the world every week!
We do believe we have an official release date for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0! Yes you read that right. No names will be revealed but our sources are some of the very best. So there’s that.

The first little tidbit is about Kisai Labs very popular Twitter client for PlayBook – Blaq! Since the last version [1.6.0] hit BlackBerry App World, Jerome & Co have been working very diligently to bring some awe-inspiring features to the PlayBook tablet. We’re not going to ruin the surprise. But a couple features we’ll let you know about are:
*TweetMarker – this is a feature that place a very attractive blue ribbon on in your timeline to bookmark last tweet across Twitter clients. and the other feature is
*Portrait View – this is a great addition, one of the most popular new features users have been asking for. There’s plenty of cosmetic changes and oodles of new treats, some better than you can imagine!

Next up is Cocky Culture. I’m sure your all familiar with the name. Tony & Co are behind many classic themes including our own exclusive Berryfication theme. Lately Tony has been working on some awesome applications (read: games) for iOS and BlackBerry PlayBook. The first game is..
*Pocket Ninjas – Your Ninja Lair is under attack! Too bad for them you’re the baddest Ninja there is. Swipe your finger across the screen to hack and slash your enemies while dodging shurikens, ditching Geisha, and ducking bad Sushi! This game is already available for iOS now here, and will be coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet post OS 2.0. The other game is already 20 levels deep, and will hit the PlayBook first!
*Love Birds – Not all birds are angry! A physics based game I’m working on. Hopefully drops sometime in February! Actually Tony did let me know he hopes for a VDay release, even if the game only launches with the 20 levels that are ready to go! Pretty darn cute and fun mechanics! See the YouTube video of Love Birds for BlackBerry PlayBook here.

The third treat we have for you is about the BlackBerry PlayBook ..Well PlayBook tablet OS 2.0 [official]. There’s a lot of talk about it launching soon. I’ve been scouting around, listening carefully and can’t help but notice how little BlackBerry exclusive apps have come out lately, even the BlackBerry Beta Zone has been a ghost town. This is great news actually! I think RIM is pulling all resources into the PlayBook and the official release date will be..