This innovation is incredible. I just want to gloat about the hardware now that I can say yes I’ve got my hands on a complete BlackBerry Z10! The popular Zed10 is the perfect companion to a tech enthusiasts hands. I took some time trying out different cases from iSkinz, OtterBox, Case-mate & BlackBerry. It didn’t take long before I knew that BlackBerry had finally made a device that I preferred in it’s raw form. The soft black battery door feels perfect in my large hands. It’s a very soft piece of plastic that clips nicely into the back of the Zed10.

Let’s rewind just a bit as I did have a nice stack of accessories from BlackBerry. Find everything here. A few of the L-S1 Batteries, 1 Z10 Battery Charger Bundle, 1 Z10 Flip Shell Cases (white) & (black), 1 Z10 Transformer Hard Shell, 1 Z10 Leather Pocket and 1 Z10 Microfiber Pocket (grey) cases. I tried most of them on and plan to carry the Microfiber Pocket & Flip Shell Case tomorrow. BlackBerry really did think of every little detail. The cases look and feel almost as good as the phone itself. I can’t wait to break these in a bit more and of course share some giveaways with users.

Now before I wrap up this quick post about my first 12 hours I’d like to give AT&T a knock for having really great service out here. I remember thinking and telling users that I was impressed with the 4G LTE they provided us during the Alpha stage. But those SIM’s did not provide the ability to text or make phone calls. This final BlackBerry Z10 is rocking speedy on AT&T’s network. I’ll have more to say in the next couple days as I spent most of my time downloading my apps, games and moving some of the data from the Alphas.

In closing let me just say I couldn’t be happier for BlackBerry right now. The blood, sweat, tears, joy, compassion, support, social media they put into this was truly everything. It’s all riding on these BlackBerry 10 devices doing well. They need to hear that what they’ve done for the user is incredible. I know I’ve waited so long just to hold one that you can almost go a little batty waiting for that moment. Stay tuned for more from Berryfication, myself and the other bloggers on their thoughts, favorite products, features, accessories etc.